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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ICICI Can go pHU(|< themselves !


Dear Customer,

ICICI Bank gives customer service paramount importance. Our personnel treat customers with politeness, courtesy and respect at every interaction. Sometimes, mitigating circumstances, like systems downtime, policy-related issues and compliance-related concerns, may compel us to convey decisions that may not be to your entire satisfaction. These are, however, only the exception and not the rule. The rule is to provide agreeable solutions, and that too at the first interaction itself; and the compliments we receive from satisfied customers - through our website, by phone, by e-mail and by letter - while indeed very heartening, serve to inch the bar higher.

However, customers resorting to provocative and unparliamentary language or rude and disruptive behaviour stretch tolerance, cause distress and impact on morale and efficiency. This can lead to a compromise in the level of service received by other customers and is therefore untenable. Therefore, despite the acknowledged primacy that a customer in the service industry commands, we must inform you with the greatest reluctance and deepest regret that henceforth, customers found to be offensive in their interaction with us will be required to close all their relationships with ICICI Bank.


ICICI Bank Ltd.

As if a distressed customer was interested in keeping his relationship alive with them ? Ohh and btw on what grounds m***f**rs ?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Indians are Cheap |\/|07h3rfu(k3r5

Ofcourse only after the lone Australian :-) And BTW - Pune tops the list you see :-) Also note the miserable download speed and 7 seeders ?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Overenthusiastic Airtel Installation /\/\07|-|3RPhU(|ker

If you suddenly find the NEC-6650A drive or any such DVD drive on your notebook is not working - particularly when an Airtel installation dude AKA /\/\07|-|3RPhU(|<3r lays his hands on your notebook. Please follow the following steps :

The /\/\07|-|3RPhU(|<3r> went and disabled the following keys in my registry. Only after I ran a Sherlock Holmes style investigation [ that too after a month - work is keeping me way way too much occupied ] - did I realize what the /\/\07|-|3RPhU(|<3r>

Here is what he changed -

Wonder WTF did BillGindows had a problem with just this much of a registry hack. So if you have a NEC drive which is not working, and you think it had reached the end of its life span. No folks - you are wrong.

Here is the quote of the day - Rocky and Mayur Style : My sincere apologies to NEC and Dell, the culprit was Airtel.
Btw I flashed this drive with the latest firmware too ! Felt so handicapped without a DVD writer !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now Potency Tests Before Marriage - The Tamil Way !

First there was Khushboo about premarital sex and now there is one called Manorama who has stirred quite a controversy over the whole potency test before marriage issue.
So CNN-IBN who are running low on their viewership and often find themselves resort to India-TV'ish tactics decided to take the issue at hand and who better than Sagarika Ghose A.K.A. Bahubali.

This lady probably excited with the subject matter - made a statement somewhere in the middle of the show - 'A guy who has erectile dysfunction wont be a good husband'. While the panelist tried to intervene and said probably you mean err - "Sexual partner" not husband. But Bahubali carried on !

Made me wonder there must be a STORY behind this and maybe its worth finding out who the poor sod married to the sleeveless sensation was. And god oh god !

Rajdeep, I do feel sorry for you after I looked around and discovered IT WAS YOU man. It was YOU.
No matter how much the poor panelists tried to save the grace by trying to convince is idiot woman that its marriages werent just about Erectile Dysfunction [ and there was always Fevicol or Feviquick ] the woman wouldnt JUST listen. Rajdeep, sorry mate !

Btw, Google throws up some interesting things when you look up Sagarika Ghose. Note the last entry as well. Wonder who was so lame to come up with such a query. These results were put up by Google much before the feature aired.

Tamilnadu - What do you have in store for us next ? Premarital Sex to Determine Potency Test ?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quitting Infosys

I wonder if they make it so traumatic for people working there at Infosys ? Anyone ? Nandan ?

Friday, July 17, 2009

What An Effing Idea M**rs !

I never had my doubts about how retarded the whole Idea business was. I mean I always wondered why they couldn't quite gain as much ground as Airtel came from behind and zoomed past their lazy asses. These images are self explanatory.

I have three questions for Kumarmangalam Birla.

1] Why does a customer have to watch the ugly hairy face or Jr. B everytime they visit this effing website and then skip to ?
2] I mean since when -1 was a unique reference number ? Is DOT [ Department of Telecom ] even listening ? Whats this whole business. I want my privacy and all I get is a -1 ?
3] Well no comments here. How retarded either Billdesk is or Idea is I am not sure.

P.S. If you are an "Taking India to the World" employee and are trying to threaten me/post comments here, take your scam somewhere else.

Disgusting is the plain word ! Talk about India Inc. And DO NOT DISTURB ? I think it should be DON'T GET DISTURBED !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why are headhunters overwhelmingly idiots ?

Dr Muthuswamy compelled me to do my own research on this topic and as I was seeking nirvana on this whole issue I realized I wasnt alone.
This got to answer all those questions oh all those poor souls plagued by Headhunters !

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


[ With all due respect to the Father of the Nation who wished we weren't as choosy about our jobs and all jobs were equal [Is that what he said ?] ]
Dude, I must be appearing so much in need of such rewarding jobs to DR MUTHUSWAMY.
Its quite amusing to imagine being a Waitress in some resort-spa in Malaysia or a masseur using palm oil.

Note to Ethnic Malay and Tams like DR MUTHUSWAMY: The Father of Nation described here is Father of OUR nation i.e. India alone and not to be confused with Father of any other nation. No Malays/Tams were harmed during the writing of this post and any issues you might have with regard to racial / ethnic slur would be under the jurisdiction of the Mumbai high court.


Hello to the smart soul,

Does your average sized human brain prompt you ever to check if the skill set of the person you contact is relevant for the positions you are hiring for ? I worry about your clients. Please please spare me of the torture of going through your emails.


Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 21:58:02 +0400

We are currently recruiting candidates on different positions in our New Hotel Resort and Spa in Malaysia.
We need the following candidates with right working attitude.
1.Customer Care Services/ Receptionist
2.Bar Tender, Waiteress
3.Administrative Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Housekeeping Staffs,
4.Front Desk Officer, Front Office Manager
5.Food & Beverage Manager, Food & Beverage Supervisor, Assistant Restaurant Manager
6.Accounts Executive,
7. Conference & Banqueting Manager
8.Sales Assistants... etc.
Interested candidates may email their resume (with recent photo), Application Letters
and Academic Credentials/Certificates to;

Only shortlisted candidate will be notified

Thanks .
HUman Resources

I must be feeling so lonely !